Tips: Showing and Inspection don't

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Tips: Showing and Inspection don't (Download as .pdf)

Security First!

Protect your home & family. Showings and inspections should be by
appointment only through our office. Never allow strangers into your home. If a buyer is “just driving by” and would like to see your home give them your Sales Representative’s business card and instruct them to call her for an
appointment. If they are serious buyers, having to make an appointment won’t deter them from viewing your home.

Politics Of Appointments!

When a Realtor makes an appointment to inspect or show your home, they will do so through our
office. A Co-operating Realtor should never contact you directly while your property is listed for sale. If they do, inform your Sales Representative immediately. When making an appointment through our office to show or inspect your home, a Realtor must indicate whether they are doing so as a Sub-Agent, Dual Agent or Buyer Broker. After being given an appointment, before entering your home, they will present you with their business card. If you are not at home for the appointment, they will enter using the “lock box” and will leave a business card, letting your know that they were there. Never allow a Realtor into your home without seeing their business card first.

Two’s Company & Three’s A Crowd!

Try not to be present for showings & inspections. Potential buyers will feel like intruders in your home & will want to “hurry through” instead of taking their time & imagining your home as theirs – which is the whole idea!

Stay In The Background!

If you must be present for showings & inspections, don’t follow the buyer & Realtor through your home. Don’t try to “show” your home. The Realtor knows the buyer’s needs & desires and can better emphasize the virtues of your home when you’re not “tagging along”.

Silence Is Golden!

If you must be present for showings & inspections, be courteous & friendly, but don’t try to “force” conversation with a buyer or Realtor. They are there to inspect your home.

Be It Ever So Humble, There’s No Place Like Home!

Never apologize for the appearance of your home. If any objections or derogatory comments are offered, let the Realtor answer them… that’s their job.

Music Soothes The Savage Beast But Not The Buyer!

Turn off that blaring radio or television. Let the buyer and Realtor talk freely without distractions

Four Legged Family Members!

A dog is a man’s best friend, but not when showing your home. Keep all pets out of the way and not
under foot, regardless of how “friendly” they are. Some buyer’s & Realtors don’t like pets and some have allergies. Don’t just put Rover in the backyard. This will prevent buyers & Realtors from exploring the outside of your home. Better yet, take Rover for a walk during showings & inspections.

Don’t Put The Cart Before The Horse!

Trying to sell prospective buyers any of your furniture or furnishings which you’re not taking with you, before they’ve purchased your home, can often lose a sale… so “cool it”. Remember the Word to the Wise.

Word To The Wise!

Let your Sales Representative discuss the selling price, terms, possession date & other factors with the buyer or co-operating Realtor. Your Sales Representative has been trained and has the experience, so let her bring your negotiations to a satisfactory conclusion. Your comments or answers not matter how innocent they seem may lose the sale or result in a lower selling price.